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How to Use ChatGPT to Make Viral Youtube Videos

Making your Youtube go viral takes a lot of effort and dedication. An aspiring Youtuber may need to allot at least a few hours a day to craft the perfect title, thumbnail, script, and even video angles to make their Youtube videos clickbait and worthy of watching. Thankfully, ChatGPT exists to make the process easier. This chatbot can help you create everything you need for your video without you having to think too hard about every part.

If you want to make viral Youtube videos using ChatGPT, keep scrolling.

Search for Viral Topic Ideas

The first step in making a viral Youtube video is to have a topic that has been mostly searched by users. You can use tools like VidIQ, Youtube Search, or Google Trends. And from there, you can get inspiration as to what topics you would like to focus on.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can now ask ChatGPT to give you five viral topic ideas on that topic you chose. In this example prompt, the user is asking for topic ideas for a popular mobile game.

ChatGPT prompt about five viral topic ideas for youtube video about Call of duty mobile

Tell ChatGPT to give you a specific title

The next step to having a viral Youtube video is to have a catchy and creative title. Ask ChatGPT prompts for a good and eye-catching title, such as “Give me 10 creative titles on how to lose weight,” and the like. This example prompt provides catchy titles for winter fashion.

ChatGPT prompt about suggesting 5 clickbait and catchy titles for winter fashion

But that doesn’t stop there. You need to take a step further to make it less generic. Ask follow-up questions to ChatGPT to create a unique title that evokes curiosity in your viewers, and that is clickbait.

Another tip when asking for a specific title is that you need to make sure that your title matches your content. Some Youtubers try to create mysterious titles which can lead their videos to clickbait, but they don’t fit with the purpose and actual content of the video. You must also know who you are producing content for.

Jonathan Aufray of Growth Hackers said to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask, “what kind of question are they asking themselves, and is your video answering that question?” Once you figure out the question, you can use that as your video title. So, before asking for ChatGPT prompts, take these into consideration.

Come up with a good script for your viral video

Now that you have a topic and a title, it’s time to write down the content of your video. A video script organizes your thoughts as it is your outline of what you want to happen in your video. It also reduces time wasted on doing unnecessary things, such as retakes for the same scene.

Before using ChatGPT, you need to be clear about what you want to present in your video. You need your video to have added value to increase the chances of getting viral. The first thing you need to do is to brainstorm. Allot 15 minutes to list down ideas related to your topic and title.

Once you listed your ideas, it’s time to search for the right keywords for your topic. Ask ChatGPT for keywords that are popular with good search volume. This example ChatGPT prompt provides a list of popular keywords for winter fashion.

ChatGPT prompt about what keywords are popular seach trends for winter fashion

After looking for the keywords, it’s time to incorporate them and start creating your script outline. A script outline helps you decide the structure and flow of your video. In the same topic above, the user asked ChatGPT to create an outline using the keywords above.

ChatGPT prompt about possible outline for a winter fashion video script

Another idea to get inspiration in creating a good video script is to search online for videos similar to what you are planning to do. You can look for a competitor’s video on Youtube. And Here’s a tip that no one usually does: copy the URL of the competitor’s video, go to, paste the link, and hit “Go.” You will instantly have the transcript version of the competitor’s video.

Next is to copy the transcript and prompt ChatGPT to summarize, reword, make it more intriguing or catchy, or make a better script from it. Here is an example prompt where the user copied a youtube transcript and asked ChatGPT to create a summary of it.

ChatGPT prompt about summarizing a script

Add a Thumbnail

A thumbnail is a featured image for your Youtube video. To pick a thumbnail, you need to have an engaging video that must be aimed toward your target audience. This is what Netflix has been doing, according to Kris Bilski of Astor Film Productions. She said that Netflix has been changing the thumbnail it uses for different productions tailored towards the user and their preferences, like adding more colors and silly faces for the younger audience.

You can ask ChatGPT to give you three thumbnail ideas for your topic. Here is an example prompt of suggestions for Youtube thumbnail ideas that are clickbait.

ChatGPT prompt about asking for youtube video thumbnail ideas

Youtube allows users to customize and edit their video thumbnails, so it’s best to have one or two video thumbnails ready. Remember, thumbnails can rack up a thousand to a million views in a week’s time if it is catchy and clickbait.

Add Subtitles

You may already have uploaded your Youtube video, but there isn’t enough watch time. To increase your video’s watch time, make sure that your video has subtitles. Subtitles in videos make them accessible to subscribers who are having a hard time hearing or who prefer to watch on mute on their phones. However, adding subtitles can be a bit tasking if you do it manually. But with the help of ChatGPT, it can save you a lot of time.

As proven by Youtuber The AI Advantage, ChatGPT saved him almost two hours of manual work of creating subtitles. He is not great at putting punctuation on subtitles, and what he did was he copied the auto-generated transcription of his video and prompted ChatGPT to punctuate the transcription.

Here is an example prompt of how ChatGPT can punctuate subtitles for you:

ChatGPT prompt about capitalizing a text

Create a Youtube Description

A Youtube description provides the summary or synopsis of the video. It is located below the Youtube video which can be as short as a sentence or as long as a paragraph. Most YouTubers get their descriptions from the subtitles, but it would take you longer than you expect for a description or summary.

ChatGPT can do the work for you – copy and paste the subtitles on the prompt and ask to summarize the text into a Youtube description. In this example prompt, ChatGPT is asked to create a Youtube description from the transcripted subtitle.

ChatGPT prompt about short youtube description for a text

Add Viral Tags

Viral tags are an essential part of your Youtube videos to help them perform from uploading. Tags are descriptive keywords you can add to your video so anyone can find your content. To add tags, make sure that they are based on your main keyword. The main keyword is what your video is about.

You will add the viral tags at the “Tag” portion at the “More Options” button below after uploading your video. If you are doing a video on winter fashion, you can ask ChatGPT to “give viral tag ideas on a Youtube video on winter fashion.” Here is the response of ChatGPT when the user asked to provide them 500 characters of tags

ChatGPT prompt about giving 500 characters of tags used in tag tools option in Youtube

Note that viral tags should be used without the hashtag (#) on the “Tag” portion. Hashtags are to be used at the bottom portion of your Youtube Description.

Notice that the user asked follow-up questions to make the context clear.


To sum it all up, ChatGPT reduced the time wasted for content creators to make their own Youtube videos. With just a few tweaks from the prompts, it’s highly likely these videos will go viral, and it’s all thanks to the revolutionary ChatGPT.


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