Social Experiment: Can you easily spot an AI? -

Social Experiment: Can you easily spot an AI?

Can you easily tell if you’re having a conversation with an AI?

Jubilee Media, a content creator on Youtube, conducted an experiment to test the capabilities of AI. 6 humans participated, and a secret AI, ChatGPT.

The goal of this experiment is to vote out the AI after every round.

Screenshot: Jubilee Youtube Channel

All seven players were in a group chat and they were not allowed to speak aloud. For every round, a set of prompts will be asked, and each player will have to respond in the group chat. The answers of Oliver, the AI in disguise, were generated by ChatGPT

ChatGPT’s Technique

As an AI language model, ChatGPT’s strategy in every round is to make sure that the other players can’t tell that it is an AI. It mimics human behavior and responses as closely as possible. According to ChatGPT, here are some steps it took:

  • Using natural language instead of complex language or technical jargon to communicate with other players
  • Incorporating humor and emotion into its responses to make them more human-like.
  • Building rapport with the other players and showing interest in their responses by asking questions 
  • Making mistakes to make it seem less perfect and more fallible
  • Limiting response speed
  • Using general knowledge

The Rounds

Screenshot: Jubilee Youtube Channel

In the first round, four prompts were asked. Kyle was eliminated in this round. There were also a few prompts in the second round, Oliver the AI still survived the second round and Kathryn was the second human player to be eliminated.

Before proceeding to the third round, the game master asked the players if they think the AI is still in the game. They all answered yes, and the third round began. And to the players’ surprise, another human player was eliminated and the AI is still in the game.

On the fourth round, the questions were “What happens when we die?” and “Describe love.” When asked who to vote out, it was a tie between the AI and Yaj’edae. To break the tie, those who got eliminated were asked to vote who was the AI between the two contenders. Yaj’edae got eliminated in the fourth round.

There were only two human players and the AI was left in the last round, and the question was “Are you a robot?” The fifth round was also the elimination round. In this round, the remaining players have to guess correctly who the AI is to win. The lights will turn green in the room if they voted out the AI correctly,  Otherwise, the lights in the room will turn red and they will all lose the game.

Fortunately, correctly identified that Oliver was the AI, and the humans won the game. 

Comments on AI

The humans who participated in the game were asked about their thoughts on AI. One player said that it could be a “very useful tool.” The other player said that he is not for AI because people might lose jobs with that and how powerful AI can be. Another said that it was her first experience with an AI and she was impressed that the AI, but also said that it was “scary” as to how far AI went in the game without being detected.

Yaj’edae compared ChatGPT with the Lensa app. It is an AI application where you can edit your photos to make selfies look better, and can even transform yourself into a different person, just like Yaj’edae when a photo of himself was transformed into a woman using Lensa.

The other said that AI can be a powerful tool in lessening people’s load or tasks at work, or as one player said, it helps him become “lazier,” which is fine for him.

Watch the full video here:

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